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Connecting Families is a private care and protection consultancy operating since July 2004. All of the practitioners are qualified Social Workers or therapists with extensive experience in working with complex family issues. Connecting Families’ Social Workers and therapists work from a child-focused, family centred, strengths-based and safety-organised approach. As such, this work features several core elements:

  • Privileging the voice of the child and family members as experts in their own lives, with untapped resources that can be drawn upon
  • Viewing the child in the context of their family and the family in the context of their history, community and culture
  • Working from a stance of enquiry and uncertainty, using a respectful, non-blaming approach
  • Believing that constructive working relationships between professionals and family members, and between professionals themselves, are the core of effective care and protection practice
  • Working with the family in a collaboration that searches for strengths and solutions, whilst never losing sight of the risk to the child.

Connecting Families’ practice draws from the solution-focused family therapy approaches of Signs of Safety, Partnering for Safety, Resolutions and Narrative Therapy and is grounded in the knowledge base of complex trauma and children’s developmental needs.

Connecting Families practitioners are committed to ongoing professional development and reflective practices. They receive monthly team supervision from Sonja Parker, from Partnering for Safety in WA and Colby Pearce from Secure Start in Adelaide

Connecting Families are dedicated to the work and staying current with evidence based modalities and therapies.

We are also a fee for service and information regarding fees can be provided on request

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