Our entire family is incredibly grateful to the Connecting Families team for their unwavering support and dedication in achieving the reunification of our daughter. Our journey with DCP was challenging and stagnant, we found that DCP were unable to progress our case under their own system and procedural processes. It was not until they engaged with connecting families that we saw any meaningful traction with our case. Under their guidance, our case took a completely new direction, centered around the resolutions approach. This innovative method sought to ensure safety for our daughter while acknowledging that the exact cause of her injuries might remain unknown. It involved investigating multiple scenarios, gathering evidence, and encouraging us as parents to implement safety measures for each potential situation. Whilst this approached involved difficult and at times confusing conversations the connecting Families team conducted them with such patience, empathy and respect creating an environment where we felt comfortable to have such honest conversations. What stood out the most was Connecting Families child focussed approach and commitment to a strengths-based and safety-organized method. They were a pillar of support throughout the entire process, always offering flexibility and understanding, and providing access to additional therapeutic support services. We were given the opportunity to participate in the Circle of Security program, certified by the amazing Grace Goodfellow, as well as undergo EMDR Therapy with Linda Higgins and Marte Meo Therapy with Ellen Clare. These additional resources played a significant role in our journey towards healing and ultimately the reunification of our daughter. Throughout the process, Connecting Families kept us well-informed about the status of our case and tirelessly advocated for the best interests of our family. Their dedication and advocacy were truly remarkable and made all the difference in achieving the outcome we had hoped for. From the bottom of our hearts, we extend our deepest gratitude to the Connecting Families team for their exceptional work. They have not only reunified our family but also instilled hope, strength, and empowering us to be parents. Their passion for helping families and children shines through in every interaction, and we will forever be indebted to them for their invaluable support. Thank you, Connecting Families, for being there throughout our journey to reunification.
J & B
I have the enormous privilege of providing monthly consultation to the Connecting Families team, who are an extraordinary group of practitioners in South Australia. They provide specialist intensive family preservation and reunification services to families and care greatly about making a difference for children and families. The Connecting Families team are committed to continuing to grow and develop their skills and knowledge, so that they are able to bring the best of support and intervention to families. It is a joy to work with them!
Sonja Parker
Partnering for Safety approach
It was useful to be able to have someone to support me and back me up with my decisions, choices and changes. It was good to be able to help me access things/places to achieve my goal.” They are on your side! They want you to have your children back, you just need to be willing and wanting to do the work. Accept their advice and use it to your advantage. Remember you are not changing for them, you are changing for your children!
Laura W
The thing I found most useful about having Connecting Families involved with my family were having someone take the time to listen to me and then respond with useful and well thought out suggestions”. “For anyone considering working with Connecting Families, I would like you to know that my experience with them was very good. Connecting Families will work hard to help your family
I would highly recommend Connecting Families to anyone that has the opportunity to use them. When I had to deal with them, I found the worker to be a professional, non-judgemental and allowed me to have a voice and be heard. I would say, if I didn’t have the opportunity to deal with this organisation, I would have taken a lot longer to be reconciled with my children.
What was helpful? The trust we had with our worker - the way everything was handled, very professionally but with empathy for us and understanding the situation we were in. Our worker treated us like we were humans, not child abusers. This built a relationship of trust. This meant a lot because we didn't trust DCP. Connecting Families was on the other side working with them but working for us. The whole thing was useful. It taught us about parenting. Our worker gave us tips about how to deal with situations. We had more knowledge about the situation we were in and how to deal with it, what had been going on and the things we hadn't noticed before. When we were able to understand we could then make sure it never happened again [the child being injured]. Connecting Families made a huge difference to the outcome- the process was made a lot quicker. Without them we wouldn't have gotten anywhere, or it would have taken a lot longer. We felt a lot more confident about ourselves at the end of the process. Everyone in the family loved working with our worker. She was bloody amazing in every way possible! We can’t put into words how much you have done for us”. “If you want to get somewhere you need to open up and talk about it. Be able to trust, and to talk about what happened. Be willing to do it, to work to get your child back
It was useful having an advocate for us, working with us with DCP. Matters were dealt with a lot quicker. Before that we felt like there was a hold up and there was no progress. Our worker took the time to help us with our relapse prevention plan. She didn't judge us or talk down to us. She would tell it like it was; she was open and honest and straight to the point. She worked out what we needed to work on and what we didn't need to work on anymore. She explained things in a way that we could understand it. She gave us hope and confidence that the kids would come home and reassured us that we were on the right path. She took us for the people that we were, rather than the people in the paperwork. Because she didn't judge us we then thought that others wouldn't judge us too. We're not ashamed anymore. We have been there, done that, and conquered it. We are proud of ourselves now. We can't thank our worker enough”. Be honest and up front about what has been going on, because if you have communication you get somewhere. We were wary at first, but by being up front it all worked out. Think positively; keep communicating, and you will get the help you need
Christina & Trevor
They were able to help me understand and make sense of how trauma effects behaviour. They were incredibly supportive. My little one I care for won't talk about his experiences. Our worker could tell from the pictures he drew and from reactions that he was a traumatised little boy who needed significant therapeutic care immediately”. “Our worker has the child's best interest at heart and is about ensuring the child is kept safe. It felt like she'd stop at nothing to help our little boy. She made us feel like we are all that mattered, and our boy was her main priority
Our experience with Connecting Families was positive in every way. We were supported by Grace and Deb and they were both very kind professionals who listened and understood us and our foster child really well. It was so nice to have Grace checking in with us regularly to see how things were going, answering any questions we had and just always taking the time to listen and provide advice as needed. Our child looked forward to seeing them and enjoyed spending time with them. As carers, we never felt rushed and always felt really valued throughout the process. It was clear to us that both Deb and Grace are experts at making very careful, fair and astute observations and recommendations and we really appreciate all their efforts and hard work in our case.
K – a carer
We met Connecting Families at a time we needed them most. It was so helpful to have someone in not only our daughter’s corner but also ours. They helped us strengthen ourselves as parents and as people and they helped us become the best parents we can be. They were a big help and support to us and one thing we learnt was that they are they're to help you get your children back. All they ask for is that you do the work and steps necessary, and we will be forever grateful to them for helping bring our daughter home.
Trinity B and Gerard R
The team (Tara and Linda) were very empathetic, knowledgeable and overall beautiful human beings who were there to listen, advise and make a difference. They made a difference from day 1 and it was very reassuring that they were working with us and not against us. Excellent service that I would highly recommend where family intervention is required.They never judge you but are very professional and effective which I found very helpful

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