What We Do

Consulting and Counselling

Connecting Families Social Workers and therapists are able to provide counselling using a range of therapeutic models and approaches. We work with parents and carers and their networks as well as children and young people. We can also provide consultation and training services to suit the needs of the agency

Our Services Include:

  • Placement Prevention for families at risk of separation
  • Pre-Reunification Safety and Risk Assessments
  • Assessment of Family Contact
  • Family Reunification intervention, including comprehensive Safety Planning
  • Intensive support to kinship carer families who are at risk of placement breakdown
  • Working with families where a serious injury to an infant has occurred and denial is present (the Resolutions Approach)
  • Therapeutic support to children and young people in kinship care including Life Story work and Words and Pictures.
  • Therapeutic support to kinship carers and children/young people in care to stabilise the placement.
  • Comprehensive Reports on request
  • Consultation and training.

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