Sid Wagle

Social Worker

Sid joined Connecting Families in 2022. Sid completed a Master of Social Work (MSW) from Flinders University in 2019 and commenced his Social Work career at the Department for Child Protection (DCP). Sid has worked in two different DCP offices undertaking intake, assessment, and reunification work with the children and their families.

Sid is passionate about working with striving families and bringing positive outcomes for vulnerable children. Sid believes a sense of belonging to extended family members and the community is vital to positive developmental outcomes for the children. He considers relationship-based practice, family-led decision making, strength-based approaches, and motivational interviewing techniques are essential to be successful in bringing positive outcomes for vulnerable children and their families. Sid was awarded certificates of thanks by the DCP for demonstrating relationship-based practice and for facilitating family-led decision making.

Sid was born in Nepal and studied and lived in India and Nepal before moving to Australia in 2007. Sid knows several languages and dialects spoken in the Indian subcontinent and has a good understanding of political, cultural, and religious factors that influence the population of that geographical region. Sid has a great interest in the diversity of culture and religious beliefs in Australia and considers being open-minded and genuinely curious about different world views has helped him working with clients from different cultural and religious backgrounds.

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