Mac Davis

Social Worker

Mac joined Connecting Families as an associate practitioner in 2012. Mac is a qualified Social Worker with approximately 30 years competency based practice experience in the service delivery of therapeutic family support services and social welfare. Mac utilises a broad range of practical skills that are underpinned by his knowledge and understanding of child development, systems theory, domestic violence principles, neurobiology of trauma, family dynamics and family preservation principles. Mac has worked as a practitioner/therapist, in a variety of roles and settings aimed at providing therapeutic responses to both adults and children who have experienced and been exposed to physical and sexual abuse, neglect and inter-generational trauma.

Mac has specific experience in working with men who may have hurt others, or are not the fathers they wanted to be and who often have their own underlying experiences of abuse and trauma. Mac is committed to helping men and fathers address the adverse life events they have experienced in order for their lives to take the shape they want. Mac continues to be excited and motivated in being involved in programs, specifically aimed at working with men in groups, and has seen and experienced men supporting each other to make significant changes in outlook, attitudes, self-respect, healthier interpersonal relationships and ways of living.

As an individual Mac values and strongly believes in maintaining respectful relationship striving for fairness and just outcomes. As a professional, Mac has a fundamental dedication in working to provide interventions that enable opportunities for individuals, children and families that promote personal development and safe family relationships. In particular, Mac is passionate about the protection and wellbeing of children and providing therapeutic opportunities that promote the recovery from abuse and trauma experiences of individuals, children and families into the future. Mac’s therapeutic intervention with families draws from a partnering for safety approach in engaging individuals and families that present with a range of complex personal and or lifestyle issues, finding this approach to be both politically and ethically exciting.

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