Anne Nicolaou Connecting Families





Anne has worked as a social worker in child protection for over 30 years across a range of practice, policy, research, training, management and practice development roles. After a lengthy professional collaboration with Sally, she joined Connecting Families in 2015 as an associate, alongside her own consultancy work in child protection.


Anne is a long-standing passionate advocate of the critical importance of constructive working relationships with children, their families, their carers, and their workers, and works with a resolute  focus on children’s needs for safety and belonging whilst searching for strengths and sustainable solutions.


Returning to direct practice in 2015 with Connecting Families enabled Anne to apply expert knowledge in on-the-ground collaborations and thereby achieve high quality assessment and intervention case outcomes, and to draw on these successes in passing on to new clients and colleagues the knowledge of what works. As a result, Anne is highly regarded for her practice leadership skills. The children and families she works with continue to be her best teachers.


Anne is now in semi-retirement and turning her focus more to the best ways to impart practice knowledge and wisdom to the next generation of child protection workers.